Pottery & Design

Boleslawiec stoneware is created from white clay and fired in coal and gas ovens at temperatures in excess of 2462 Degrees Fahrenheit with lead-free glaze. Where appropriate, this stoneware is safe in dishwasher, microwave and oven. It is also non-toxic and impervious to abrasives. As an extremely durable stoneware, it will not crack or chip easily. 

There are two ways the beautiful designs are created and categorized. There is the Unikat - Signature Collection Design and Traditional Design. 

The Unikat Collection is individually hand painted by using a small sponge, brush and stamp pattern by certified master artists. These artists train apprentice artists and create "Unikat"- Unique or "Signature"- Artist signed pieces. The Unikat pieces have colors and/or designs that are individual to each artist. Due to the time involved in making each piece the supply is limited and therefore becomes a true collector's item.

The Traditional Design is created by artisans who use the sponge method to stamp on the designs. These pieces are also unique as they are hand crafted by the artisan.  

Boleslawiec is distinguished by its clean lines and captivating designs in cobalt blue, peacock blue and earth tones. To see how these beautiful designs are created view the video below.